Iatropolis Medical Group operates the most modern radiotherapy center in Greece and one of the best and most reliable in Europe.

At the IATROPOLIS clinic, a standard specialized Radiotherapy Center is established and has been operating continuously for more than 16 years and is recognized in Greece and internationally. The Radiotherapy Center has specialized radiation therapy systems that enable radiation therapists to offer personalized treatments to their patients with the aim of optimal clinical results.

Radiotherapy Center equipment

The Radiotherapy Center has:
• A CyberKnife Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery system
• Two Image Guided Helical TomoTherapy systems
• An Aquilion LB simulator equipped with a 4DCT simulation execution system for optimal visualization of lesions moving with respiratory function

 Suitable subsystems for:

  • the precise planning of treatments
  • the daily control of the execution of treatments
  • the readjustment of treatment plans, due to response to treatment and/or a possible change in the patient's anatomy, based on clinical criteria defined by the Radiotherapist taking into account the burden on healthy tissues from previous treatments
  • the daily quality control of the systems with the aim of ensuring the optimal and safest treatment of patients

All systems of the Radiotherapy Center are fully connected to our diagnostic systems. Examples include the hybrid Positron and Computed Tomography (PET/CT) system, the 17 Magnetic Tomographs and the modern 256-section multi-section CT scanner, all state-of-the-art.