Two unique PET-CT systems for the first time in Greece - The latest technology in molecular imaging


PET-CT imaging offers us early diagnosis of cancerous tumors, or their recurrence as well as other pathological conditions. The BIOGRAPH VISION and BIOGRAPH mCT Flow systems are at the forefront of PET-CT molecular imaging examinations. Their advantages are the following:

  • Maximum examination speed, minimum radiation dose.
  • Even more detailed visualization of each instrument.
  • Ability to detect even the smallest tumors.
  • Comfortable examination for all patients regardless of body type.
  • Digital technology and application of artificial intelligence.

The tests are carried out by specialized staff and evaluated by doctors with great experience and expertise in the method. The doctors who staff the PET/CT department are Dr. Lachanis Stefanos (Director Radiologist), Dr. Karantanis Dimitrios (Director Nuclear Physician), Dr. Vassilis Voliotopoulos (Scientific Lead Nuclear Physician), Dr. Kalkanis Dimitrios (Nuclear Physician), Dr. Loukas Lambrakos ( Nuclear Physician) and a team of medical radiologists and nuclear physicians.